Vlad Marlon, СЕО and Founder of Marlerino Group: About Efficient Traffic Sources and Minimum Budgets for Gambling Traffic Arbitrage

Vlad Marlon, СЕО and Founder of Marlerino Group: About Efficient Traffic Sources and Minimum Budgets for Gambling Traffic Arbitrage

Earning hundreds and even dozens of thousands of dollars using gambling traffic arbitrage is not a dream but the reality. However, to succeed in this sector, you should seamlessly organize your work: allocate budget, select sources, establish partnership with СРА networks. Vlad Marlon, a top arbitrage specialist, СЕО and founder of Marlerino Group, knows how to do this.

In an exclusive interview with Azerbaijan iGaming Affiliate Conference 2022, he talks about promising geos for gambling and reveals budget amounts required to work with different traffic sources. He also shares unsuccessful experience in cooperation with СРА networks.

The conversation is comprehensive and, most importantly, quite informative. Enjoy the reading!

Interviewer: Azerbaijan iGaming Affiliate Conference (AiAC)

Respondent: Vlad Marlon (V. M.)

AiAC: What minimum budget is required for traffic arbitrage in gambling?

V. M.: Pretty large in gambling. Surely, it depends on traffic sources and volumes. Let’s examine the question in this context.

The given figures are based on our experience and empirical market observations, assuming solo arbitrage:

  • TikTok. The barrier to entry is quite low. You can drive traffic starting from $10 000.
  • Facebook. The most difficult source for entry. It’s better not to start alone. To build a team, you will need from $50 000 to $250 000 and great luck.
  • PPC. A heavy source for solo arbitrage. Don’t even try it alone.
  • UAC. You can try to drive traffic alone, but don’t expect more than 20-40% of ROI. Money won’t help you to start in this segment, understanding is needed. The team start can be compared to financial amounts on Facebook.

AiAC: What are the most profitable geos for gambling in 2022?

V. M.: Everything is subjective and depends on traffic sources.

When it comes to our experience and predictions, I would mention the recent rapid growth in Asia.

AiAC: List the most efficient, in your opinion, traffic sources.

V. M.: Considering a combination of all factors resulting in traffic earnings as the efficiency, I would distinguish TikTok. It still allows gaining maximum outcome at minimum expenses.

Meanwhile, considering the long-run period, including stability, as the efficiency, it is Google Ads.

AiAC: What difficulties can be faced while working with Facebook?

V. M.: We refused working with Facebook more than seven months ago.

The main reason was the complexity of operations management scaling up. Dealing with FB requires a big team with seamlessly adjusted business processes. So, we failed to keep pace with it.

Distance economy per year plus maintenance always bumped up against 0. Operations became less and less interesting day by day.

AiAC: How to drive traffic in casinos and betting with Google Ads?

V. M.: Google Ads is one of the most complicated sources for the gambling market in terms of exploration.

I would like to write, “You can discover this information in our course that can be purchased at the link.” But even if we want to use this fraudulent technique, we won’t be able to give a precise answer to this question.

You can find out how to drive traffic only by trial and error. No one will ever answer this question, as the price of knowledge is too high.

AiAC: Share the worst experience in cooperation with СРА networks.

V. M.: I won’t reveal particular names in order not to discredit current and potential partners…

From 2017 till 2019, we successfully generated search traffic on one well-known CPA network according to the RevShare pattern. We received between $15 000 and $20 000 every month. At the beginning of 2020, the CPA network suddenly closed. Players were not transferred anywhere, although products successfully operated. Of course, we compensated traffic but lost potential profit amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We faced a lot of similar precedents: products frequently closed, payments were not provided.

Despite the fact that this niche is very profitable, don’t forget about potential risks.

AiAC: Is it worth striving for the high СРА rate? Why?

V. M.: Not always. The high CPA rate is often accompanied by other problems, for example, shaving, poor quality of products, payment troubles, etc.

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